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Where Living Meets Learning

Living and learning communities are where students will explore topics of interest and build a strong educational foundation all in the comforts of their residence hall.

Living & Learning Communities

You'll choose your preferred communities as part of your housing application and then answer a short series of questions about your choices. 

Why Apply

As part of a learning community, you'll have unique opportunities to pursue your academic and personal interests, engage with your community, meet new people and interact with faculty in your field.

Being Part of a Community

Each living and learning community encourages students to spend time and energy on activities that enhance their education and promote self-awareness.

Get to know your neighbors by discussing community initiatives, identifying personal and professional goals and having fun throughout the year.

Your resident mentor (RM) will take the time to check in with you and talk about how you're doing at UofSC. Building staff is focused on helping you have the best experience possible, and giving each student individual attention.

Your community is a place to build effective study habits and get academic help when you need it. Connect with other students who are taking your courses or share your major, and get help from faculty right in your own study lounge. 

Faculty-Led Communities

These are themed, building-wide learning communities staffed by a faculty member who is an expert in the theme. Students get in-depth experience with their community topic, and gain a greater understanding of how to apply that experience outside the classroom and after they graduate.

This is an invitation-only community for top academic students looking to focus on their leadership skills.

Students who find themselves driven to dream up new things or find themselves constantly trying to improve ways of getting stuff done will find a home in this community. 

Students who are pursuing careers in allied health professions, and are interested in hands-on learning opportunities join this community.

Sustainability-minded students wanting to connect both their daily routines and academic careers to green practices join this community.

Students in the Honors College belong to a close-knit community where members support each other intellectually and academically. 

Students who want to live in a diverse community to learn about world cultures and languages, and want to promote better international understanding join this community.

Students focused on advancing their service and leadership skills through unique academic, community building and travel opportunities join this community.

This community is for students who are pursuing careers in information, design, and computing and are interested in becoming part of the next generation of graduates driving the future of digital technologies.

Residential Learning Programs

These are smaller learning communities within residence halls focused on an area of study or student interest. Students in these communities will meet others who share their interests, and have unique opportunities to pursue those interests outside of the classroom.

Students who are studying engineering or computer sciences and are interested in expanding their skills outside the classroom join this community.

First-year students in the School of Music are part of the Music Community, which gives them opportunities to connect with professors and peers outside the classroom.

The ROTC community provides cadets and midshipmen with the opportunity to support and learn from each other through an integrated residential atmosphere.

Students who are studying hospitality, retail and sport management and are interested in opportunities to network and learn outside the classroom join this community.

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