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Conferences, Recognition & Accomplishments


Over the years, RHA has made tremendous improvements to residence halls, student life, and the university as a whole. This includes:

  • Reforming an outdated visitation policy to allow 24-hour gender-neutral visitation in residence halls.
  • Proposing housing options available during holiday breaks. (Became effective Fall 2019)
  • Incorporating strong emphasis on sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and mental health at residence hall events.



The University of South Carolina Residence Hall Association are proud members of the National Association Of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) and the South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (SAACURH).

Members of RHA attend conferences at both the regionally and nationally level. The conference committee, headed by the National Communications Coordinator, submits bids on behalf of our organization. Conferences are a great way to network with other residence hall associations, share ideas and new developments, and gain recognition on yearly accomplishments.


Awarded Bids:

2019 SAACURH RHA President of the Year - Regan Murphy

2019 SAACURH Evelyn A Wallington Advisor of the Year - Tiffany Conde

2021 SAACURH First Place in the RLC Case Study Competition 

2023 SAACURH RHA Outstanding Advocacy Initiative

2023 SAACURH RHA Building Block of the Year

2023 NACURH First Place in the Case Study Competition


Additional Bids:

Exploring New Galaxies

Building Block of the Year

Tunnel of Awareness

Program of the Year (2019)

2023 SAACURH RHA President of the Year – Claire Hains

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