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Microfridge Rentals

If you want to use a microwave or refrigerator in your residence hall room, you'll need to purchase or rent a combination microwave and refrigerator called a microfridge.

Rent or Buy a MicroFridge

If you want to use a refrigerator or microwave in your room, you must use a Microfridge.

Rent: $248.39 per year

Purchase: $604.79


Why We Require Microfridges

The university is moving to Microfridges because they:

  • Reduce energy consumption.
  • Provide a more sustainable living environment.
  • Comply with outlet specifications for electrical use.
  • Shut down when smoke begins, triggering smoke detectors less often.

Exceptions: McBryde and Bates House

McBryde and Bates House already have microfridges in each room. There is no need for residents in these halls to rent or buy a microfridge.

Microwaves and Fridges in On-Campus Apartments

Mini fridges are not allowed in apartments. You will have a full size refrigerator in the kitchen. Microwaves are allowed in the kitchen only.

Delivery Information

The 1st Deadline to order a MicroFridge is Tuesday, August 2nd at noon.  Orders placed prior to the 1st deadline will be delivered before the main student move-in.  Orders placed after that deadline will be delivered based on the renters' residence hall AFTER classes have started. 

Secondary MicroFridge Delivery Dates

Will be delivered on dates based on your residence hall; you or your roommate/suitemate will go to the lobby of the building corresponding to your housing assignment on the date specified during the time-frame. You or your roommate will escort the MicroFridge student worker back to your room where they will install your rented MicroFridge.

Come to Patterson lobby, Monday Aug. 29 from 10 am - 4pm to escort your MicroFridge delivery to your room.

Come to Columbia Hall lobby, Tuesday Aug. 30 from 11 am - 4 pm to escort your MicroFridge delivery to your room.  

Come to Honors lobby, Wednesday Aug. 31 from 11 am -  3 pm to escort your MicroFridge delivery to your room. 

Come to Preston lobby, Thursday Sep. 1 from 10 am - 2 pm to escort your MicroFridge delivery to your room.

Any rentals for buildings not listed above will be delivered on the afternoon of Thursday, Sep. 1 or Friday, Sep. 2.
Roommates and/or proxies may be sent in a renters' place if they can give access to the renter's room for the delivery.
If a renter and/or their roommate/ suitemate is unavailable during the designate pick up date and time-window, please contact Standards For Living at 1-800-525-7307. Other delivery arrangememts will be made. 

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