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Resident Mentor - Spring 2023

The Resident Mentor (RM) is an undergraduate or graduate student selected to serve as an integral staff member of University Housing. The Resident Mentor builds community and develops relationships with a group of 25 to 60 residents and guides them through their Carolina experience. The Resident Mentor serves as an advisor, mentor, referral resource, and positive role model to residents by exhibiting compassion and concern for each resident.

Application Update 

The 2022-23 Resident Mentor position is open until March 1, 2023.  Apply now!


Applying To Be An RM FAQ

A - An RM is responsible for overseeing a group of residents on a floor or part of a floor. During time in the role, RMs are expected to build relationships with residents while remaining professional as a fellow resident and student of the building. RMs are trained to provide resources, community information and updates, create events, regular Health & Safety Inspections for resident rooms, and assist with crisis response situations to help manage emergencies. The RM position is designed to be a position to not only help individuals grow in skills, but help guide in educational and life skills conversations with residents.  

A - In early August, RMs are expected to be present for all days of mandatory training, IMPACT. Dates are announced towards the end of the Spring semester beforehand. There are typically two trainings every year: an initial large IMPACT training in late summer before Fall Move-In for around 7-8 days, and for a few days in early January prior to the first day of Spring semester classes. Trainings go through transferable skills and practical experiences, such as crisis, talking to residents, event and program building, and more! 

  • RMs are expected to serve desk hours at their residence hall and Area Office (location based on building). 
  • RMs are expected to serve on a crisis response rotation (also known as “on duty”) with fellow members of the RM Staff and answer any emergencies or concerns. 
  • RMs are expected to help mediate issues and provide resources to residents, while checking up throughout the semester to make sure residents know their options and are supported.  
  • RMs are expected to help build and promote community events within the residence hall in line with our University Housing curriculum model.  
  • RMs are expected to maintain consistent visibility and accessibility for residents to reach out to. 

A - In the past, this has been the case. More information about this requirement will be shared as it has not yet been planned out. 

A - At this time, being on duty is when an RM holds an emergency phone during evening hours and answers any calls, such as but not limited to: lockouts, resident issues, noise complaints, and facilities concerns. Being on duty consists of tending to such emergencies and contacting the appropriate individuals (if needed), documenting situations, and walking through the building and conducting “duty rounds.” 

On duty is served throughout the holidays and breaks, as well, with the exception of the summer terms when all residents have moved out. Scheduling is based on the RM Staff working together to find coverage and exercise fairness to make sure security coverage is fulfilled.  


A - The  relevant information about international student employment is available online.  



A - All students should complete the housing interest form application by January 4th, even if you are interested in being considered as an RM. If they are not hired for the position, this will also allow you to be considered for on campus housing for Fall 2022. If you are not hired and do not want to live on campus for the Fall semester, then we can cancel your application without penalty. 

A - Yes, this will be a part of the application process. 

A - A new RM cannot have a job for their first academic year in the role in order to help transition into the position and practice managing multiple responsibilities while being a student. A returning RM, or RM who has already had a full academic year of experience, can have an additional job outside of the RM role, after discussing with their Residence Life Coordinator.  

A - There are times throughout the academic year when University Housing asks for further assistance and perspectives from our Resident Mentors.

Some opportunities include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Learning how to address policies 
  • Keep community members accountable as a fellow resident 
  • Interview other candidates for employment in University Housing 
  • Connecting with other departments and offices for event resources 

A - University Housing does not advise on what to do in regard to leasing, however, RM placement will happen in late January/Early February.  

A - No, this is a decision that is made based on the needs of the community.  

Resident Mentor Position Description

I have had the opportunity to stand up for my residents when they felt unsafe and uncomfortable. This is their home, and I will protect it.
Rayanna Cape

I love getting to know others and being able to make an impression on them in any way that I can.  
- Tyeceanna Jamerson

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