University 101 Programs

Graduate Leader Program Overview

The Graduate Leader Program provides an opportunity for second-year graduate students of the Higher Education & Student Affairs program to learn how to effectively develop and teach a first-year seminar. By working with an instructor of University 101, graduate leaders engage in a practical learning experience where they attain course development and management skills and connect and apply concepts, skills, and theories studied in graduate coursework to their experience in the UNIV101 classroom.

As a result of serving as a Graduate Leader, graduate leaders will:

  • Establish a mentoring relationship with a higher education professional
  • Identify and develop strategies to address the needs of first-year students
  • Understand the teaching philosophy and practice of an extended orientation course
  • Apply concepts, skills, and student development theories learned in coursework to experience in the UNIV101 classroom

All graduate leaders are required to meet the following expectations and requirements:

  • Status as a second year graduate student in the Masters of Higher Education and Student Affairs program at USC Participate in the Graduate Leader Pre-Service Orientation session and the Graduate Leader Training Workshop held in the spring semester prior to service
  • Attend a Course Planning Workshop with their co-instructor in the spring
  • Serve as a discussion leader with their co-instructor for their University 101 class at the First-Year Reading Experience Attend all University 101 classes
  • Maintain open and consistent communication with co-instructor beginning upon instructor/section assignment and continuing throughout time of service
  • Create and maintain an appropriate professional relationship with students and co-instructor
  • Exemplify the ideals presented in the Carolinian Creed
  • Submit a mid-semester and end of semester reflection and evaluation of their experience to the University 101 office

As a result of working with a graduate leader, instructors will benefit from having someone to share the workload related to course management and design, learn new ideas to reinvigorate the course syllabus and lesson plans, while helping to further the growth and development of a future higher education professional.

All instructors who work with a graduate leader are expected to fulfill the following:

  • Establish and maintain a plan for open and consistent communication with graduate leader beginning upon graduate leader/section assignment and continuing throughout partnership
  • Serve as a mentor to graduate leader by providing opportunities that both challenge and support them in order to further their professional development and growth
  • Allow graduate leader to share responsibility in course planning, implementation, and grading based on agreed upon roles and responsibilities established through a mutual expectations conversation
  • Provide practical and reflective learning opportunities for graduate leaders to connect skills and theories learned through graduate coursework to experiences in University 101
  • Provide constructive feedback and guidance to graduate leader to improve facilitation and course management skills
  • Submit a mid-semester and end-of-semester evaluation of graduate leader to University 101 office