University 101 Programs

Mapping out a Plan for Engagement and Integrative Learning in the First-Year

This presentation will provide students with an overview of USC Connect and Graduation with Leadership Distinction (GLD) and help them intentionally map out a plan for their meaningful engagement on campus.  During the presentation students will reflect on their current and past experiences, and how these will influence their future involvement. This session engages students in group discussion and individual reflection. Specifically, it will outline what USC Connect, integrative learning and what the steps are to GLD are at the University of South Carolina. Students will leave with an intentional and personalized plan on how to connect what their learning in their classroom experiences and their beyond the classroom activities.

This session will not be offered until late September/ early October and is designed to help students after they have been exposed to opportunities for involvement on USC’s campus.

Learning Outcomes

The “Mapping out a Plan for Engagement and Integrative Learning in the First-Year” presentation supports University 101 learning outcomes:

I. Foster Academic Success

d. Use written and oral communication to discover, develop, and articulate ideas and viewpoints

Students will discuss in group and write out goals on their own to develop a plan to give direction for their time in college.

II. Help Students Discover and Connect With the University of South Carolina

a. Identify appropriate campus resources and opportunities that contribute to their educational experience, goals, and campus engagement

Students will walk away not only knowing about additional campus resources and the importance of USC Connect, but they will have identified specific resources to help them reach their goals as a part of their plan.

As a result of attending this presentation students will:

  • Describe what student engagement, USC Connect and integrative learning are and their importance at the University of South Carolina
  • Reflect on what their past and current involvement
  • Identify how to set S.M.A.R.T. goal and develop an engagement action plan
  • Create a plan that tailors their interests with their academic pursuits

Presentation Outline

  • Introductions

  • Student Engagement
    • The presentation opens with a focus on the concept of student engagement, how it differs from just being involved, and why it is important. Students will play “Engagement Bingo” in order to reflect on past involvement and come up with ideas for future areas of engagement. Students will then discuss reasons to become engaged, both personally and professionally.
  • USC Connect and Integrative Learning
    • In this portion of the presentation, we will introduce USC Connect and integrative learning to the class. Students will then identify areas that they may be interested in further by completing the “Student Engagement Inventory.” Finally, we will provide resources through which students can further explore these interests at USC.
  • Mapping Out a Plan
    • We will guide students through the initial steps of creating a “Student Engagement Plan” for their time at USC. Students will participate in an activity that allows them to create SMART goals for future engagement. Following this, students will have the opportunity to share these goals with one another, and afterwards we will introduce students to how they can successfully achieve the “Graduation with Leadership Distinction” honors.
  • Review

  • Additional Resources Offered by the Office of Student Engagement

  • Questions

Presentation Length

50 minutes or 75 minutes

Presenter Training

Presentations will be given by OSE Professional staff and OSE graduate assistants. A third group – OSE facilitators – will also be used. All presenters will go through a one day training session on program presentations. In this training they will see the presentation given in its entirety and then will break out in small groups to learn the presentation and practice with one another. Additionally, each presenter will be given a brief outline of the presentation as well as a full script that they can make use of as needed. Finally, presenters that are new to the office will have the option to shadow staff members who have given the presentation previously prior to giving the presentation on their own. Four business days prior to giving the presentation presenters are slated to email a form email to the instructor confirming the presentation and checking on class size and technology.