University 101 Programs

EMPOWER Presentations

The “EMPOWER Presentations” offered by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs provide instructors the opportunity to schedule two presentations, “EMPOWER” and “EMPOWER You!”  The “EMPOWER” presentation is designed to introduce students to the core concepts of diversity, including an overview of the various identities as well as a discussion focusing on the intersection of identities and experiences.  “EMPOWER You!” builds upon the knowledge from the “EMPOWER” presentation and will include a brief reintroduction to the core concepts of diversity. “EMPOWER You!” will also expand to include micro aggressions, the degree to which they impact the Carolina community, and steps students can take to uphold the Creed.  Both presentations conclude with an overview of upcoming events as well as campus and community resources.

Learning Outcomes

The “EMPOWER” presentation supports University 101 learning outcomes:

III. Prepare Students for Responsible Lives in a Diverse, Interconnected, and Changing World

a. Examine how their background and experiences impact their values and assumptions and explain the influence these have on their relationships with others.

Throughout EMPOWER’s presentations, discussion and activities focus on gaining a deeper understanding of one’s self while developing an understanding for the community that surrounds them.

b) Describe concepts of diversity and recognize diverse perspectives.

Throughout this workshop, participants will examine the diverse perspectives of others in their class, campus community, and the world that surrounds them in a safe and nurturing environment. This will allow learning other perspectives to happen organically.

c) Describe and demonstrate principles of responsible citizenship within and beyond the campus community.

Throughout EMPOWER’s presentations, participants are challenged to learn about the community around them as well as to enact ways in which to create a more accepting society. 

As a result of attending this presentation students will:

  • Be able to define diversity and identify core examples within themselves of what it encompasses
  • Demonstrate the ability to recognize & combat blatant prejudice and discrimination
  • Be able to identify campus resources where they may learn more about diversity and multiculturalism

Presentation Outline


Presentation Length

50 minutes or 75 minutes

Presenter Training

Our Diversity Peer Educators go through a full day of training in the spring and a half day workshop in the Fall before going into the classroom. We have a comprehensive training system that covers both facilitation and classroom management, as well as content specific training, so that our presenters have the skills and knowledge to create a learning experience in the classroom.