University 101 Programs

Fall 2016 Campus Partner Presentation Proposal/Renewal Process

Important Dates
February 12, 2016- Deadline to submit a Campus Partner Presentation Proposal/Renewal form
March 18, 2016- Campus Partners notified of submission status
April 2016- Syllabus Preparation & Team Building Workshops
Summer 2016- Campus Partner Presentation scheduling opens

Below you will find the links to submit a Campus Partner Presentation Proposal or Renewal.  Please login using the username and password provided to you by University 101 Programs.  For any questions or concerns, please contact Catherine Greene at

Campus Partner Proposals- Please click here to submit a new presentation for inclusion in the fall 2016 Campus Partner Grid.

Campus Partner Renewals- Please click here to renew your fall 2015 presentation for the fall 2016 year.