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University 290

Sample Course Descriptions

Healthy Carolina

The purpose of this course is to assist members of the Healthy Carolina Living and Learning Community in fostering the concept of wellness and facilitating health-conscious student development. This course is a one-credit course designed to give members of the Community credit for their activity within the community and to encourage participation in community events. Most activities will be sponsored by Healthy Carolina. The course will be conducted in accord with the three goals of the Living Learning Community. These goals include: 1) creating an environment that encourages and promotes the development and maintenance of a healthy body, mind, and spirit through a wide-ranging array of wellness programs; 2) enhancing the learning potential and academic success through the creation of a community that facilitates optimal health, and 3) finally motivating students to make lifelong commitments to a lifestyle that promotes wellness.
Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • - articulate the link between personal wellness and academic success

  • - discuss the wellness services and programs offered on the University of South Carolina campus

  • - develop personal wellness goals.

Peer Leadership Seminar

This course will streamline the leadership development of Preston Residential College students, inspired by the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Student Leader Competency model. Students will be eligible to receive one credit hour for this letter-graded class.

Leadership and Employability

This one credit-hour course is for students interested in building their leadership skills and exploring their passions as it relates to their future career.  Students will have the opportunity to spend time with and learn from University leaders, learn leadership styles, have a deeper understanding of self,  develop team building skills on a low elements challenge course, and engage in group activities all designed to build employability and leadership.

International Healthcare: Service Learning in Nicaragua


International Healthcare: Service Learning in Nicaragua
This course provides the opportunity for students to explore the impact of national and international policy decisions on the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

Students will be engaged in ongoing service through partnerships with community agencies in rural Nicaragua and is an integral part of the course. Students will be introduced to skills and issues relevant to the helping professions such as psychology, social work, counseling, sociology, education, medicine, nursing and allied health professions. This course is developed to provide a learning experience through service learning project(s) which will provide a solid base for those interested in working in developing countries.