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Research and Assessment

University 101 Programs regularly assesses its course offerings and conducts research in order to measure overall program effectiveness and continually improve the experience of its students and instructors. The links below provide: data comparing UNIV 101 participants’ and non-participants’ academic success and persistence; end-of-course evaluation and other assessment findings; data from internal research studies; and, an annotated bibliography listing external reports, books, and other publications that reference University 101 Programs.


UNIV 101’s Impact on Academic Success & Persistence

Data comparing UNIV 101 participant and non-participant retention and graduation rates, first-semester GPA, and credit hours earned.  Data can be filtered by selected student populations.


Assessment Highlights

Data gathered from end-of-course evaluations, the First-Year Seminar Assessment (FYSA), faculty surveys, peer and graduate leader surveys, and other assessment instruments.


University 101 Programs: An Annotated Bibliography

A listing of books, articles, monographs, external reports, and dissertations describing the history, effectiveness, impact, course offerings, components, and best practices of University 101 Programs.


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