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Arnold School of Public Health

Print Exposure and Literacy in Second Graders

Funding: USC Magellan Mini-Grant (Student: Co, Faculty Mentor: Werfel) and USC Magellan Apprentice (Student: Co, Faculty Mentor: Werfel)

Phonological processing is a primary focus of classroom instruction and research in literacy in the elementary years. However, research increasingly shows that by second grade, phonological processing does not predict reading and spelling for children with typical language development (Apel et al., 2012; Werfel, 2012). Rather, at this poinrt in development, orthographic knowledge appears to be important for literacy (Werfel, 2012). Preliminary evidence suggests that orthographic knowledge is predicted by print exposure.

Therefore, the goal of this study is to explore how print exposure influences orthographic knowledge and subsequent literacy skills in second graders with typical language and literacy skills.

Want to be Involved?
If you are the parent of a child with typical language and literacy skills who is in 2nd grade, click here to request more information about participating in this study.

If you are a student at USC and would like to volunteer on this study, click here.