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Samantha Begin, BSN Student

Samantha Begin What brought you to the College of Nursing and what do you want to do with  your  degree?
 USC’s College of Nursing was part of the reason I selected USC. I knew it offered a tough, but   rewarding program for students. My current plan is to do travel nursing upon graduation; long term   I am also contemplating becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

 What is most challenging as a nursing student?
 The constant studying and reviewing notes has to be the most challenging task. I think as long as I   can prioritize studying, I will still be able to do fun things with friends around campus.


What is one skill you believe every nurse should possess?
I believe every nurse should know how to be calm and compassionate. More times than not, patients will be scared and anxious and I believe it is part of our job to comfort them.

Tell us about being a University Ambassador.
Being a University Ambassador is definitely one of my greatest accomplishments at USC so far. I am so lucky to be in an organization where I’m surrounded by brilliant and vibrant students every week. Also, being given the opportunity to hear from potential students, tell them about all of USC’s treasures and possibly impact their college decision making process is simply incredible. I love being able to create relationships with these students and their parents and reassure them that USC could be the perfect home for them.

Any hobbies and/or other extracurricular activities?
Last year I not only had the honor of being a University Ambassador, but i was also involved with Dance Marathon. I was on DM’s hype team last year, Morale, and this year part of their staff working with the Underclassman Project. This is another organization I could say so many great things about. I am constantly surrounded by selfless, inspiring students giving all they can to the Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital. I am also an Executive Board Member for the Student Nurses Association. I learned a lot from SNA about what my major offers and I even had the honor of going our SC State Convention.

What advice would you give to future nursing students?
I would like to tell future USC student to not be afraid of getting involved. It’s important to get involved in both nursing related organizations and other organizations that are of general interest to them.