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College of Education

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Undergraduate Degrees

Teachers are leaders. We empower youth, we encourage growth, and we inspire change. The College of Education offers many different types of degrees and programs that prepare you with the training and experience you need to have a profound impact on the lives of your students.


Undergraduate Degree Programs

Area of Study Degrees Program Type(s) Certification College Offering Program
Early Childhood Bachelor of Arts 4-Year Pre-K through Grade 3 Education 
Elementary  Bachelor of Arts 4-Year Grades 2-6 Education 
Middle Level Education Bachelor of Arts OR Science 4-Year Grades 5-8 Education 
Physical Education  Bachelor of Science in Physical Education 4-Year Grades K-12 Education 
Secondary Education (high school) Bachelor of Arts OR Science, plus Master of Teaching 5-Year* Grades 9-12  Bachelor's: Arts and Sciences
Master's: Education 
Art Education Bachelor of Fine Arts 4-Year  Grades K-12   Arts and Sciences
Dance Education Bachelor of Arts 4-Year  Grades K-12   Arts and Sciences
Foreign Language Education Bachelor of Arts 4-Year  Grades K-12  Arts and Sciences
Music Education Bachelor of Music 4-Year   Grades K-12  Music



The College of Education has the following undergraduate minors:


Master of Teaching in Secondary Education

If you are currently an undergraduate student at USC (or considering becoming an undergraduate student at USC), the Master of Teaching in Secondary Education can be a path to teaching high school English, math, science or social studies in 5 years or less. All subjects require you to complete specific academic accomplishments for admission to the program; the exact requirements to enter the program depend on your chosen subject.