USC Flight Operations

Flight Schedules

Flights will be made on the USC airplane, a Beechcraft King Air 350 (tail # N351GC). This airplane has space for eight (8) passengers. Scheduled flight dates are those marked by destination and the requesting office. Flights that are designated "Open" are scheduled by Flight Operations and seats are available on a first come first serve basis. Most "Open" flights have Manassas, VA (Wash DC) as a destination. Check with the Flight Operations Department for open seats on all scheduled flights at (803) 530 2551 / 7176. Unmarked dates on the calendar are available for flight scheduling.

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Generally, flights will be canceled if fewer than three (3) passengers sign up. Occasionally the withdrawal of a passenger(s) at the last minute has caused the entire flight to be canceled. Please confirm your passengers repeatedly before your trip to prevent this from happening.

If you must cancel a reservation please notify the Flight Operations office as soon as possible. Call Ken Keverline at 803-530-2551 or 803-530-7176. You may also send an email message to or

E-mail request for reservation (be sure to indicate MONTH, DATE and DAY)

Reservation form information/instructions

1. Complete the flight reservation form: Go to Form
2. You will receive a confirmation of flight request within 48 hours of submission


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