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University Registrar

Faculty/Staff Forms

Sort these commonly used forms by name or topic or use keywords such as the form number to filter your results. You will need to contact your college, school or department representative to access secure forms.

Form Topic Keywords
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Academic Common Market Change Approval Form [pdf] Registration  
Affidavit of Financial Independence [pdf] Residency and Citizenship  
Current Term Degree Candidacy Exception Request (AS-129E) Graduation  
Assignment of Incomplete Grade form (AS-5) [Secure] Grades  
Audit Registration Exception Form [pdf] Registration  
Bulk Email Request Records and Security  
Certificate of Independence [pdf] Residency and Citizenship  
Current Term Exception/AS-199 Late Registration [pdf] Registration  
Change of Grade Form [Secure] Grades  
Citizenship Verification Form [pdf] Residency and Citizenship  
Degree Works Edit Request Degree Progression  
Extension of Make-up Period for Undergraduate Incomplete Grade (AS-201) [Secure] Grades  
Grade Roll Discrepancy form (AS-181) [Secure] Grades  
Graduate Record Update Form - Transfer Work [pdf] Transcripts and Records  
Internship Contract (AS-169) [pdf] Registration  
Notice of Credit by Exam, Exemption or Advanced Standing [Secure] Grades  
Makeup Grade-Incomplete form (AS-68) [Secure] Grades  
Name-Change (AS-1) [pdf] Transcripts and Records  
Pass/Fail Option (AS-20) [pdf] Registration  
Replacement Diploma Form [pdf] Transcripts and Records  
Request for Academic Reinstatement/Suspension Removal (AS-82) [Deans Only] Transcripts and Records dean
Request for Access to Student Information Screens and Student Records Data Files Transcripts and Records ferpa, quiz, tutorial, banner, data warehouse, degree works, degreeworks
Request for Assignment of W Grade for Extenuating Circumstances (AS-122A) [Deans Only] Grades dean
Request for Current Term Exception (AS-199) [pdf] Registration  
Request for Personally-Identifiable Student Information [pdf] Transcripts and Records  
Request for Student ID Number Change (AS-23) [pdf] Transcripts and Records  
Schedule Exception Request (SER) [pdf] Scheduling master schedule, schedule
Section Change Request Scheduling master schedule, schedule, add/change/cancel form
Senior Privilege (GS-19) [pdf] Registration  
Special Enrollment/Transient Request (AS-30) [pdf] Registration  
Special Topics Course Approval (STC) [pdf] Scheduling master schedule, schedule
Student Athlete Academic Compliance Request Transcripts and Records student-athlete, compliance, ncaa, athletic
Undergraduate Independent Study Contract (AS-6U) [pdf] Registration