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Academic Advising

Major Maps

A major map is a layout of required courses in a given program of study, including critical courses and suggested course sequence to ensure a clear path to graduation. Major maps include universal terminology, a standard program of study, and a common 8-semester template.

Major Map Repository Log-In


The Major Map Repository stores all completed major maps and is updated regularly. A list of newly published major maps is supplied below. Access to the Major Map Repository is password protected. Please login using your USC network credentials. 


New 2017-2018 Major Maps (as of 10/9/2017)

  • Business Economics B.S.B.A.
  • International Business B.S.B.A.
  • International Business B.S.B.A. Chinese Business
  • International Business B.S.B.A. European Business
  • International Business B.S.B.A. Middle East and North Africa Business
  • International Business B.S.B.A. South American Business
  • International Business B.S.B.A. Global Business
  • Management B.S.B.A. Human Resources
  • Management B.S.B.A. Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing B.S.B.A.
  • Nursing B.S.N. Generic
  • Nursing R.N.-B.S.N.
  • Exercise Science B.S.
  • Advertising B.A.J.M.C.
  • Broadcast Journalism B.A.J.M.C.
  • Journalism B.A.J.M.C.
  • Mass Communications B.A.J.M.C.
  • Public Relations B.A.J.M.C.
  • Visual Communications B.A.J.M.C.
  • Retailing B.S. Fashion Merchandising
  • Retailing B.S. Retail Management
  • Spanish B.A.
  • Spanish B.A. Teacher Certification


Program of Study

The Program of Study is a prescribed sequence of learning components comprising an academic program.  It aligns degree components across majors and colleges into a standard format and includes universal academic terminology for easy comparison of programs and to create curricular cohesiveness. The following components comprise a program of study: 

  • Carolina Core (required)
  • College Requirements (required of majors within the college)
    • College Foundation requirements
  • Program Requirements (required for the specific program, but not major courses)
    • Cognate
    • Minor
    • Supporting Courses
    • Electives
  • Major Requirements (required)
    • Major Courses
    • Major Electives
    • Concentration
    • Thesis/Dissertation/Capstone